17 May - 14 June 2023
  • Taymour Grahne Projects is pleased to present Innermost Things, an online solo show by Shenzhen City-based artist Liqing Tan, opening virtually on May 17.

    • In this latest body of work, Liqing Tan explores recognisable imagery and objects – resituating them in an alternate fantasy-like setting. We find water lilies of the pond floating in a domestic bathtub; hands interwoven between abstract dancing flowers or a strawberry cake attracting a myriad of insects. These one-of- a-kind scenes – sometimes a witty take on a still life or a figurative exploration of humanity – fervently capture the push and pull of opposing states of mind. The introspective quality of the paintings is bolstered by the subtle subversions Tan weaves into the narrative. Ideas around intimacy are coupled with suggestions of separation and new discoveries are partnered with those representing the mundane. In Rainy Day, feelings of nostalgia are explored. The central figure is drawn from the artist’s memory, in an ode to personal affection and the poignancy that the past can hold over the present.

    • In the background, water droplets rain down, yet unlike real human tears, they are scaled up and situated in the sky. This effect imbues the weather with an extraction of human experience and creates a unique atmosphere within the painting. In Mark the experience of femininity is explored and ultimately confronted. The viewer is presented with the curved shape of a body visibly wounded and surrounded by ants and other creatures of the natural word. The ambiguity between the human figure, animals, and how and why the body has been injured points to an unknown force of human nature and asks the viewer to determine the perpetrator. Furthermore, this work provides a comment on femininity – female pain and the complexities of lived experience. This series of work positions intriguing studies of the imagination against considered portraits of human existence. Whether engaging with difficult emotions or capturing light-hearted moments in nature, Tan applies the same thoughtful integrity to each of her works.

  • Liqing Tan was born in 1994 in Qingdao, China and currently splits her time between Shenzhen and London. In 2015, Tan received her BA from Indiana University of Bloomington and in 2018 she received her MFA from the Slade School of Fine Art. She has had solo exhibitions nationally and internationally including Andelli Art Gallery (Wells), Studio d'arte Cannaviello Gallery (Milan) and Studio Kura Gallery (Fukuoka). Her work has also been featured in group shows including The Shape of Poetry, Contemporary Art Exhibition (Shenzhen), A Tale of Two Cities, Dongguan and Shenzhen Young Artists Exhibition (Dongguan) and Royal Society of British Artists 303rd Annual Exhibition 2020 (London).